Blackwork Stitch by Stitch

At last! A blackwork book that shows you how!

bookcov02Intrigued by blackwork but not sure how to do it?

Ever wondered how to get the back of your work as neat as the front?

Do you wish there was someone there to hold your hand while you learn the techniques?

Let me guide you through the maze and you will be sure to pick up many tips and hints along the way. With 50 different fill patterns diagrammed stitch-by-stitch and 8 exclusive designs with step-by-step instructions this blackwork book is a must have! It is the book that I searched for in vain when I started blackwork, but as it didn’t exist back then I had to write it myself.

This book will be used over and over again, and includes information on fabric and threads (including the wonderful hand-dyed variegated threads), choosing patterns, starting and finishing off, shading techniques and lots, lots more.

Order your copy of Blackwork Stitch-by-Stitch below for just 11.95. Your book will be sent in a padded envelope by first class mail.

Would you like a personally autographed copy? If so mention the first name of the person the book is for when ordering.

“The way that Carol describes the minutest detail you just know that she has “been there, made that mistake”, and you feel as if you are reading comments from a friend instead of a teaching manual.” Jean Hilton, Sealed Knot

“The blackwork book is excellent, full of information and clear instructions, a pleasure to look at, and no doubt will be used a lot by me in the future.” J Smart, West Midlands

“Congratulations on a beautiful, brilliant book! It is lovely - so clear and concise - certainly the best blackwork one I’ve seen.” J Askew, Middlesex

To order the book contact Carol directly on

44 (1) 1832 293581

or visit 

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