OK I give in! You have all been asking for a glimpse of the designer and although I've tried to explain that I'm nothing to write home about I thought it was probably about time to show myself.

My name is Carol Leather. I am a 46 year old wife and a mother to Becky (26) and Ben (18).  Becky is the proud mother of young Rocca, aged 2 in August 2006.

In addition to needlework I enjoy photography, lacemaking, country walks and animals of all kinds (except snakes & spiders). I first discovered cross stitch in 1986 when a tiny angel kit caught my eye in our  local needlework shop. I bought it, got stuck in and went back the next day for a second project.

After searching for a particular design without success I eventually decided to start designing cross stitch in 1992. My first three designs were sent off to a needlework magazine after much  persuasion from my family and friends. Much to my surprise they were accepted and published. Later I was approached by a new magazine and asked to design on commission for them. I continued  designing every month for this magazine (and others) for over 3 years before settling down into my own kit manufacturing business.

My forays into blackwork came when I was asked to produce some for one of the magazines. After studying madly for a while (much harder than I ever did when at school) I managed to design two  needlecases which were snapped up by the editors. Boosted by this I continued designing and, well, I'm still going! 

My kits and chart packs are now widely available in the UK and beyond. I hope you enjoy checking out my designs and look forward to hearing from you.