This page will hopefully answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Can I choose which fabric is in my kits?
A: Yes, we offer either Aida 14 count or 28 count evenweave fabric. Just tell us which you would like by choosing from the drop down box before you place your order.

Q: I if choose evenweave will my finished stitching be a different size?
A: No. On 28 count the designs are stitched over two fabric threads (rather than one Aida block) making the finished size the same.

Q: I haven't done any blackwork before, will I be able to do it?
A: Blackwork is easy; if you can do counted cross stitch you should find blackwork simple enough. Try the online classes to see if you like blackwork. Then you can move on to the Starter Kits with unique coloured guidelines to help you work the patterns reversibly. You can also check out Carol?s book ?Blackwork Stitch-by-Stitch? for a whole library of fill patterns and further information on the technique.

Q: I have enjoyed the online blackwork classes, how do I tackle a larger piece?
A: Like cross stitch, the best place to start is in the middle. However, in blackwork it is easier to work the outlines first, then the fill patterns, so find the outline nearest to the centre and start from there. Outline the smallest area in the centre first, to make sure your counting is accurate and it meets up where it should. Then outline a section that joins on to this area. You can continue outlining at this stage or start to work the fills. I recommend getting started on the fills just in case they throw up any errors in the outlines at this point.

Q: Does blackwork have to be reversible?
A: No. Only patterns with continuous lines can be worked so that the back and front are alke. Backstitch can be used if reversibility is not important to the project. However, it is fun to produce a reversible piece of work and not as difficult as you might imagine (check the online classes to try it yourself.)

Q: I have purchased the Marina blackwork chart from you and it is gorgeous. I would like to get started asap, but I only have DMC threads. Could you offer any suggestions as alternatives to the Light Variegated and Dark Variegated threads suggested?
In this design, as you know, the tail and sea have been designed using the House of Embroidery hand dyed threads, which we can supply on request. However, as you are keen to get started our suggestion for alternative DMC numbers would be: 500 for the tail if you want to keep the bluey turquoise look, or 934 if you want to go more green toned. For the sea either 503 or 504 would work well if you have them. To get the variegated appearance you could try ?tweeding? two colours together i.e. using one strand of two different colours at the same time.

Q: Do you send orders overseas?
A: Yes, we will send anywhere in the world. Shipping will be charged at cost to overseas destinations so therefore, we suggest payment is made by credit card.

Q: What age are the "Little One" kits suitable for?
A: We have stitchers of all ages trying the Little Ones; from 7 up to over 90! They are great for beginners, but also make ideal quick projects to slot in between your major pieces of needlework. They are, of course, wonderful for carrying around to stitch in odd moments too.