Online classes

Learn new Techniques

I know when I want to learn something new I don’t want to fork out a lot of money in case I find that I don’t like it. If you think alike you may wish to try out the following cyber classes; all you will need is some fabric and threads. Enjoy!

Blackwork lesson 1 - the basics This lesson explain the technique of Double Running Stitch which enables you to produce a reversible piece of blackwork. You will start with the outlines and move on to a number of different fill patterns with full step-by-step instructions. Further patterns will be available in the Pattern library.

Blackwork lesson 2 - introduces shading Learn a number of shading techniques to add depth to your blackwork.

Hardanger lesson 1 - the basics This lesson will introduce Kloster blocks, cutting and needleweaving along with the basic lacy filling stitches. A good grounding of the hardanger technique for the absolute beginner.

Cross stitch on perforated paper Try cross stitching on perforated paper and make some great decorations to hang on your Christmas tree. The little Christmas stocking is adorable.

Cross stitch with random dyed threads Always wondered how to use the wonderful multi-coloured, hand-dyed threads on the market today? Hints and tips and a little house to show you how.

Carol Leather, X-Calibre Designs